Divine Identity

Identity has been a significant curiosity in my life, and in many others lives I’m sure.

The question of who we are? really?

In this world full of billions of people, each living their own unique life, so what significance are we?

In a world where there are just so many of us. Each with their own story.

What are we really worth?

Those of us who may have suffered a lot of rejection, trauma and/or abandonment may ask the question at times, Why me?

We often compare ourselves to one another in order to find where we fit, how do we match up compared to others? But this is certainly not a healthy or accurate indication if we really want to get to the truth of the matter.

We need to stop looking outside of ourselves for the answer; comparison is a very dangerous trap, it can cause us to see ourselves as totally separate from one another,competing and becoming lead astray from the truth and who we really are, leading to all sorts of complex issues leaving us in states that we simply were not designed to operate in.

How do we develop a healthy sense of self-worth when we honestly just don’t know our value or even where it comes from?

Does it come from how clever we are?
How attractive?
How many friends we have?
How much money we make?
How successful we are in the ‘worlds’ eyes?

Deep down I think we all know that our worth doesn’t come from these things.

So where does it come from?

To answer this question as accurately as possible, we need to consider going back to basics, the beginning.
Let me explain..

Have you ever stopped to recognise how incredible our bodies are? All those intricate parts working together in the most amazing way.

Have you ever thought about the meaning of existence? Why are we here? Do we have a purpose? If so, what is it?

Did someone or something make us? Divine design? Or are we a product of evolution?

Whatever it is you believe concerning these things there is no denying the phenomena and majestic qualities of the universe(s), all of nature, the human body and the miracle of our seemingly separate individual identities.

These marvellous concepts come into play when taking into account our significance, our purpose and most relevant to this subject our true identity.

What man creates is marvellous, however what man did not and can not create is undeniably majestic and magnificent.

I would love nothing more to do with my time on earth than to support and assist people all over the world to come into contact with the truth about how incredible they are (you are!) as I believe wholeheartedly that this is my purpose, and it’s also my passion!

If you are struggling with your identity, feelings of low self-esteem, finding it hard to talk to people who really understand… then you’ve come to the right place.

I am excited to assist you on this crazy beautiful journey called life, to discover who you truly are, just how significant you are and what you are truly worth.

I have no doubt you will be amazed, empowered and extremely happy with the results.

Many blessings

Antoinette x

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