Divine Identity Package

This is a wonderful package for those who are committed and determined to discover who they truly are, what they’re truly worth and their unique significance in the world.

Some topics that are explored in this 5 session package include;

Session 1

Who we are not

  • Explore who we think we are and why (exploring the ego)
  • What is driving you?
  • What pressures and expectations are you up against?
  • Exploring faith, or personal beliefs, how is this impacting my life, if at all?

Session 2

Who I AM is greater than who I am striving to be

  • Exploring divine worth
  • Remembering what truly matters
  • The power of truth
  • Shame be gone

Session 3

My Gifts and Talents

  • What comes naturally to me?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What is the change I would like to see in the world?
  • When do I feel most alive?
  • How can I use my gifts and talents to serve others?

Session 4

A Strong Influence

  • How can I inspire those in my world?
  • Moving from believing to knowing
  • Cementing core truths (Grounding)
  • Core reminders, mirror work, meditation

Session 5

Now I know me, now I know You

  • Seeing others in their true light
  • Empowered to live a life aligned
  • Commitment to moving forward
  • What self love really looks like
  • The reason why?

This 5 session package is a powerful commitment to assist you in discovering true self worth, purpose and influence.

This course is what I usually recommend for my first time clients as it sets a firm foundation for empowered living.

Cost is $600

Upfront payment is preferred however payment plans can be arranged and discounts may apply for students or pension card holders.

It is recommended that clients attend all 5 sessions to benefit from each stage of this significant transformational process.

Near Death Experience Package

Have you had a near death experience?

Are you struggling to find people to talk to who truly understand?

This package is a 6 or 9 session package and is for those who have had a near death experience, or the like.

During these sessions we will uncover the amazing mysteries and messages that were disclosed during this experience.

We will also discuss the unfolding of what lead up to this experience, work through any trauma that may have occurred and most importantly learn to implement the divine messages into ones future life.

I am extremely excited to be offering this specialised package, I am passionate about this topic and very much look forward to supporting my clients on this unique and divine journey to the other side and back.

6 session package  $700

9 session package $ 1000

Each Counselling Session goes for approx. 1.5 hours

Payment plans are available for all my packages as are discounts for low income earners (student or pensioners).